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Day 126 – We The North | Bangkok to Chiang Mai, Thailand

If you can measure success by how many countries you have pooped in during the last 24 hours, then I must be up there in the Forbes list – We fly Colombo, Sri Lanka to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Bangkok, Thailand and I poo everywhere. Only in toilets tho, to be clear. #LikeALady

Clearly need to cut back on the dairy.

After a day loitering in cafes in Bangkok we board the overnight train to Chiang Mai. We’ve seen the islands, loved them and hated them, and now it’s time to see the other side of Thailand.

The #9 and #10 trains between Bangkok and Thailand are brand new, only a month old, and have all the modern luxury of second-class sleeper trains. Mainly: toilets with seats, and free bottled water. Small pleasures that mean a lot to backpackers. We booked our tickets on 12goAsia so are met on the platform and escorted on since we don’t actually have tickets ourselves. 12go reserved the whole car, so we are in a 40-berth metal rocket filled with tourists.

Walking through the train, you feel a bit like you are on a spaceship. The passageways between the cars are sealed off so you can’t go flying off the train on a turn or a jolt (not like Sri Lankan trains or the sleepers in India eeek!) and you open the doors by tapping a space-age glowing button.


Marc and I have planned better for this overnight trip. We have bagged nuts (thats what she said), mango sticky rice and Ovaltine. Not like the time we stupidly went on a overnight train with a garbage bag of rice. But not as good as the people across from us: stir fries and Singha beers. I shake my fist!! I will do better next time!!

Soon after we leave the station an attendant comes around and changes our chairs into beds, complete with curtains. Not bad for $45CAD each. Same price as a flight, if you book it in advance, but can you just walk onto a plane and crack a Singha? No, no you cannot. Well actually, not on this train either as alcohol is banned (so drink that shit behind your curtain).

Although the Thai Rail company has sweetly provided us with flatscreen TVs and a thai movie about the late King, soon everyone is wrapped up in their own little train cocoons, playing on their phones or starting their snoozes. We put Marc on the lower bunk (so that if the two tiny metal pegs holding up the upper bunk fail, we won’t roll onto me and crush me… if I roll on to him he will just be like “I’m too hot to snuggle”) so I climb up my nifty collapsable ladder and build my train-sleep-nest: little train pillow, soft Encircled dress made in to a blanket, sleep mask, water, snacks, and audiobook. When we wake, we will be in The North!







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  1. SO nice to chat quickly last night with you. xoxoxo love you very much and live Marc too!!!

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