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Day 28 – Food and wine festival | Girona, Spain

We spent today wandering Girona, looking at the sights, having a siesta…

Around 4 we notice something strange going on in the street below us: the restaurants are bringing their street seating, there are little white tables being set up. I go on a reconnaissance mission (read: I walk downstairs) to see what is up – there is a food and wine festival going on tonight!

€3 sampling plates from the local restaurants and €1 wine. What? Yes, you heard me… €1 wine (and beers!!!).

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

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Day 5 – (Part 4) Wine and Dine

A little hustle and we all made it through the back alleys of Sintra to our private wine tasting with Vera. We tried about half a dozen different cheeses and meats made in the region. The best was the marinated sheep’s cheese. Yes – marinated. Why aren’t more people doing this?!?! It was in a vacuum sealed bag as chunks of hard cheese sitting in olive oil with rosemary, peppers and garlic. WHAAATTT. Continue reading

Day 3 – Food! | Malaga, Spain

After our stay at the castle(s) we stopped by the market and created a simply amazing lunch: grapes, fresh bread, watermelon, white wine, beer, jamon, sheep cheese and olives.  Continue reading