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Day 76 – The Best Meal of My Life | Pukhraj’s House, India

Today is another one of those “pinch me, I’m dreaming” days. We hopped in the jeep and drove out to Pukhraj’s grandma’s house – she’s 100 years old, and don’t tell me she’s not just so beautiful. Look at that skin! We asked her for her beauty secrets: ghee on the skin, and she only eats some sogra bread and some milk each day. Well, I’m not ready to commit to that diet (not with Papu as our cook at the Ashram anyway) but I have been putting ghee on my feet at night… Continue reading

Day 71 – Dream Job | Shri Jasnath Asan, India

I’m sitting on the verandah of the Ashram “house” (which Marc calls “The Palace”). It’s a white marble and red sandstone three-storey house in one corner of the Ashram, where Guruji and Shree live year-round and some of the volunteers stay when visiting. Kate and I are working on the cookbook for the Yoga and Wellness retreat being planned here for next year.

Kate is head-down on Guruji’s laptop working in her special software to layout the pages. I’m filtering through the hundreds of photos we took yesterday to find a few that encapsulate Ashram life and squeeze 18 hours of vibrant, colourful, hilarious, life-changing awe into one or two frames. Continue reading

Day 42 – Clare’s Leek and Roquefort Soup

Each day, Clare treats us to a home-made soup with lunch. Our particular favourite is the Leek and Roquefort (she would make it with Stilton at home in England). Today, Clare lets me watch over her shoulder as she makes it…

Continue reading