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Day 77 – Camel Safari | Osian, India

With the much-anticipated arrival of Sarah (people’s eyes lit up when they found out she was coming, and her name was repeated in a awestruck kind of way) came an opportunity to accompany her and her charge, Gracie, on a CAMEL SAFARI!!! Woooo!!! Continue reading

Day 76 – The Best Meal of My Life | Pukhraj’s House, India

Today is another one of those “pinch me, I’m dreaming” days. We hopped in the jeep and drove out to Pukhraj’s grandma’s house – she’s 100 years old, and don’t tell me she’s not just so beautiful. Look at that skin! We asked her for her beauty secrets: ghee on the skin, and she only eats some sogra bread and some milk each day. Well, I’m not ready to commit to that diet (not with Papu as our cook at the Ashram anyway) but I have been putting ghee on my feet at night… Continue reading