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An oldie but a goodie, throwback to Malaga, Spain.

Day 3 – Food! | Malaga, Spain

After our stay at the castle(s) we stopped by the market and created a simply amazing lunch: grapes, fresh bread, watermelon, white wine, beer, jamon, sheep cheese and olives.  Continue reading

We have arrived in Spain!

To be honest, half the reason I am writing this is just to help myself stay awake…

Must. Not. Sleep.

So jet lagged. My body did me a solid and threw me a migraine yesterday morning as we were packing up our backpacks to go. Thanks to some solid painkillers from Daddio and a nap I made it on to the plane, but didn’t arrive in the best mood (despite the hilarious Bollywood movie I watched over dinner) and wasn’t able to sleep on the plane as my painkillers wore off. Continue reading