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Day 6 – Tandem Bike Disaster around Lisbon and Belem

The birthday fun continues as I have used my “Only Birthday Wish” to convince Marc to rent a tandem bike with me this morning.

Is it just me, or is the tandem bike THE preeminent RTO (Romantic Transportation Option) for Europe. Forget trains through the countryside (passengers gazing out as the fields pass by, glasses of champagne in their hands and feet tangled together in the small space under the dining car table) or boats (lovers being paddled down the canals of Venice, kissing as they pass under bridges to the general applause of the tourists above) – no, it’s tandem bikes all the way! Continue reading

Day 5 – (Part 1) It’s my Birthday, bitches!

Happy 30th to me
. HAH!

Marc said we can “do whatever Hillary wants” today. Ye shall regret this!

Here’s what I want to do: go on a tour to a bunch of places in Lisbon, then have a nice dinner together.

I’m not usually a tour person when traveling. They can be expensive and end up taking the fun out of choosing your own path through the day. However, in this case we really only have one full day in Lisbon and that’s a pretty short time to get everything done. Plus, it’s nice to have a driver to take you around when it’s your special day and you are a Princess so you can do what you want!! Continue reading

Day 4 – Lisbon, Portugal

The actual travel is the most stressful part of a trip, because you actually aren’t traveling every day even if you plan to cover a good part of the globe in a year. The best part, the part we look forward to the most, and the feeling we are reaching out for when we set off, is when you stay in one foreign place long enough for it to feel like home.

So, those days that are all about meeting deadlines and hustling through airports are actually the worst bit.

That said, Day 4 was all about travel. Continue reading