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Day 100 – My Tribe | Koh Lanta, Thailand

I recall quite often a story my Mom told me when I was little, and struggling with “fitting in” at school (no, I wasn’t always the gorgeous bombshell I am now… wait, when did I last shower?). This story is one of the most profound paradigm-shifting mind-blowing truth nuggets I have ever had laid before my ear holes (probably on par only with my high-school boyfriend Ian telling me my knees were weird looking and a university professor explaining that you can’t “catch up” on sleep, but I digress). Continue reading

Day 25 – 26 – The Angel of Seville

After our super-fun “challenge” at the Lagos bus station and an extra-long and tense bus ride (in which I can feel the frustration coming off Marc in waves) we arrive in Seville in the dark.

It’s hot. As. Balls.

Every 50 meters I’m asking Marc “how much longer does Google maps say?”


685  Continue reading