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Day 36 – Mac the Goat | Domfront, France

The most charming, heart-warming, hilarious, uplifting and sweet individual I have met so far on these travels is Mac, the goat. Continue reading

Day 34 – Paris in 6 Hours | Paris, France

You have six hours between the arrival of your overnight train and the departure of your next train to Normandy. It’s the City of Love. Your husband has never been there. You won’t be back for likely a decade or more. Go!!

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Day 33-34 – Overnight train to Paris | Valencia, Spain to Paris, France

So began 30 hours of travel: Train from Valencia, Spain to Barcelona, Spain. Train from Barcelona, Spain to Toulouse, France. Train from Toulouse, France, to Paris, France.

For some reason, I always wanted to take a sleeper train. Marc knew this about me so was supportive of booking this convoluted method of travel to get us from the scene of La Tomatina to our next wwoofing assignment in France. The cost was about the same as a flight so why not?

I felt a bit like we were on the Hogwarts express finding our coach number and then opening the sliding door to the berth. Marc and I had splurged on upper bunks and arrived early to touch every button, flip every switch and thoroughly unpack, examine and then re-pack the complimentary toiletries bag*. Continue reading