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Day 68 – 70 – We like to party | Shri Jasnath Asan, India

Of course, just our luck, we arrive at the Ashram within a few days of a nine-day festival for the nine iterations of the Goddess Durga – the Navratri festival. So: food, dancing, music, henna on hands and feet. Yes please. Our co-host, Shree, is a certified girly-girl so she is our guide around town (such as it is) to the local jeweller and tailor, getting us kitted up and fitted out with party dresses, rings, bindi, anklets, and arranging for a local girl to come do our henna.  Continue reading

Day 31 – La Tomatina | Bunol, Spain

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Or, we have anyway.

In case you live under a rock: La Tomatina is essentially a giant food fight (using tomatoes that have supposedly been crushed first to avoid the sack-of-oranges invisible bruise effect) in a small town in Spain, once per year. It’s “one of those things you do” in Spain, like running away from giant bulls or drinking so much Sangria that you vomit in the streets, or drinking so much Sangria that you vomit while running away from a bull.

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Day 28 – Food and wine festival | Girona, Spain

We spent today wandering Girona, looking at the sights, having a siesta…

Around 4 we notice something strange going on in the street below us: the restaurants are bringing their street seating, there are little white tables being set up. I go on a reconnaissance mission (read: I walk downstairs) to see what is up – there is a food and wine festival going on tonight!

€3 sampling plates from the local restaurants and €1 wine. What? Yes, you heard me… €1 wine (and beers!!!).

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

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