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Day 5 – (Part 3) Castles

Time to eat because eating is good and that’s what life is for. Diogo took us down the road to an out-of-the-way place that the locals like (the best type) to have some traditional Portuguese food (or in Marc’s case: calamari – because we can’t pass that up when its on a menu). I had something described to me as “rice cooked with the gravy from duck stew” – YES PLEASE – and others enjoyed Bacalhau. Plus beer. Continue reading

Day 5 – (Part 2) Where rich people live

Back on the bus with full and satisfied tummies, and down the road out of Lisbon proper and on to Cascais. According to Diogo, our guide, this is where Johnny Dep lives. This may or may not be true, but it became a “thing” to find Johnny’s house for the rest of the day (I’ll post a picture of his house later, we did end up there).

When we pictured Southern Spain, we thought we would be at a beach every day, but in fact today is the first day we went to the sea. Continue reading

Day 5 – (Part 1) It’s my Birthday, bitches!

Happy 30th to me
. HAH!

Marc said we can “do whatever Hillary wants” today. Ye shall regret this!

Here’s what I want to do: go on a tour to a bunch of places in Lisbon, then have a nice dinner together.

I’m not usually a tour person when traveling. They can be expensive and end up taking the fun out of choosing your own path through the day. However, in this case we really only have one full day in Lisbon and that’s a pretty short time to get everything done. Plus, it’s nice to have a driver to take you around when it’s your special day and you are a Princess so you can do what you want!! Continue reading