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Day 6 – Tandem Bike Disaster around Lisbon and Belem

The birthday fun continues as I have used my “Only Birthday Wish” to convince Marc to rent a tandem bike with me this morning.

Is it just me, or is the tandem bike THE preeminent RTO (Romantic Transportation Option) for Europe. Forget trains through the countryside (passengers gazing out as the fields pass by, glasses of champagne in their hands and feet tangled together in the small space under the dining car table) or boats (lovers being paddled down the canals of Venice, kissing as they pass under bridges to the general applause of the tourists above) – no, it’s tandem bikes all the way! Continue reading

Day 5 – (Part 4) Wine and Dine

A little hustle and we all made it through the back alleys of Sintra to our private wine tasting with Vera. We tried about half a dozen different cheeses and meats made in the region. The best was the marinated sheep’s cheese. Yes – marinated. Why aren’t more people doing this?!?! It was in a vacuum sealed bag as chunks of hard cheese sitting in olive oil with rosemary, peppers and garlic. WHAAATTT. Continue reading