This charming Hindi phrase translates to “Everything is possible“, and it’s one of the key lessons of being in India. More than learning cultural things in the sense of the word that we were expecting (yoga, meditation, cooking, customs) we have picked up this way of life… only a little bit. We are still type-A Westerners after all. 

How could you put this into practice in your life?

  1. One scooter is enough to move your whole family and your goat.
  2. If your side of the road is blocked, simply cross the median and use the other side, duh.
  3. Broom handle broken? No worries, just sweep while bent over double. No sense complaining, just get on with your day!
  4. Eek! A windy storm is coming and it’s going to blow over your mela tent. Quickly, stand on your friend’s shoulders so you can untie the tethers on the top.

I guess this could also be called “industriousness”. The Indian people don’t seem to let the hazards or inconveniences get in the way of things. I’ve also noticed that there isn’t a corresponding demand to do more than is possible for one person to do. You don’t see a lot of “job aids” to increase productivity and no one is moving faster or working longer than is good for them. But at the same time, they seem to get more done because they don’t have the whiny nature that Westerners seem to have, they just get on with life.