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Day 175 – Reefs, the final frontier | Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia

I’ve always been enamoured with Nemos and Moorish Idols and damselfish – my favourites from Australia and here as well, but I discovered a couple new favourites today: feather starfish and triggerfish. Today we dove on Manta Point (different from Manta Bay) with zero success of seeing mantas and then on to SD Point (so named because it is off the coast of Nusa Lembongan where a public school with the initials SD stands) for a drift dive. 

A few months ago a video went viral on Youtube of a feather starfish (ever heard of that before? me neither) swimming. Cool, but irrelevant to my life at that time. So imagine my excitement when we descended to depth and these little turkeys were just everywhere!

We also saw a couple of Lionfish hiding in a crevice and disrupted their privacy. #paparazzi

Again, apologies for the blue hue.

The sheer number of fish so close to shore was really startling. A drift dive is a little like being at the aquarium at home on the conveyor belt under the dome. You just lay there, suspended in the water, and let the water carry you along past all the sights.

You’ll have to use your imagination about the colours here. IRL it’s a zoo of rainbow fishes and corals.

We saw our third turtle of the trip, just having a coral snack himself here.

Where’s Waldo?

I love swimming through the thick schools of fishes with the GoPro

We saw Nemos in green anemones, and Nemos in blue anemones.

And ended the day with a #scubaselfie. The couple that dives together thrives together!


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