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Day 161 – Swim with the turtles, dude | Gili Meno, Indonesia

After an unsuccessful and somewhat sad snorkelling attempt on the north side of Gili Air, we extended our Gili Island stay and hopped a inter-islander boat to Gili Meno, famous for its local turtles. Something we are quickly learning in the Indonesian islands is that time in not linear – our 2.5 hour “fast boat” from Bali took over 5 hours and left 25 minutes late, and our boat to Gili Meno left 20 minutes early with no announcement of arrival. Continue reading

Day 158 – North Beach Baby | Gili Air, Indonesia

On Day 157 we move to a cute little bungalow (with aircon – glee!!) on the north beach of Gili Air, facing out to the open ocean. The malaise that hit Marc a few days ago has hit me by now and I’m dehydrated and foggy and (true to form) refusing to walk the 1.5 km to our new accommodation. Solution: Cidomo – a horse-drawn carriage! Continue reading

Day 156 – You’ll have to drag me away | Gili Air, Indonesia

Le sigh. Today we found the perfect place. I know I said that before, about Tonsai and Koh Lanta, Hirikiteya and probably about Spain too, but this time – this time – I really mean it. 

Continue reading

Day 155 – Panchamama and a pain in my ass | Gili Air, Indonesia

Marc comes down with a case of what we call “Gili Gut” and is out of commission for a couple days after NYE. We spend the days paddling in the pool, lounging around at Salabose’s Beach Cafe, napping in our breezy, swinging beds in the bamboo tree house, and playing on our computers – me, blogging and Marc, studying. I perfect a pool technique whereby I lay in the shallow end, under the shade of an umbrella, my legs propped on one pool noodle and my shoulders on another, my head anchoring my body to the side. It takes some setting up, but once you are perfectly balanced you can plug in your headphones, turn on an audiobook, and stay still for hours. Continue reading

Day 153 – Ring it in Right | Gili Air, Indonesia

I read somewhere, years ago, that how you ring in the new year will be the way that you spend the remainder of the year, too. I assume they mean “happy and surrounded with friends” versus “crying into your beer under your desk” and I’ve always been lucky enough to do the countdown with my nearest and dearest (except for Y2K which I spent terrified and alone as a babysitter), but I always think of this – right before the clock strikes midnight. I’m looking for more information, that is the Type A in me. So this year, standing on the beach beside Marc, dangerously close to fireworks, looking out over the ocean, I’m wondering: what does 2017 have in store for us? Continue reading

Day 152 – Gili Gal, Gili Pal | Gili Air, Indonesia

From the first step off the boat into the glassy clear waters of the port at Gili Air, we knew we would love this place. Donning our backpacks we negotiated our way through the crowds of new arrivals, past the gelato stand, the freediving centre, the cooking school, and hiked down the sandy “road” around the coast.  Continue reading

Geography Lesson: “Bali” 101

If you are planning a trip to “Bali” (and the surrounding areas) or just want to know where in the world we are right now, read on for a quick geography lesson. You learn something new every day! Continue reading

Day 148-149 – Another Day, Another Disaster | Hoi An, Vietnam to Gili Air, Indonesia

Mythology around the world is thick with the archetypal hero  who undergoes tests and trials in order to triumph at the end, get the girl, make it big, defeat the Bad Guy. In modern days we have sayings like “I went through hell to get here” or “that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” or “no pain, no gain”. All of this was little comfort as Marc and I huddle on a wooden dock, sheltered from the rain by a makeshift tarpaulin roof, and wait for our boat over the Lombok Straight to Gili Air.  Continue reading

Day 147 – Old Lantern Town | Hoi An, Vietnam

For my family,  Boxing Day is as much a part of Christmas as the 24th and 25th. It’s the day when my whole extended family on my Dad’s side gets together in a big Church hall to overeat, put on a talent show, bicker over who gets to hold the newest babies, and re-celebrate my Aunt’s Christmas Eve birthday. This was the day I had anticipated being the saddest on, so had planned a big scooter adventure with Marc to fill the time.  Continue reading

Day 145 – Merry (Rainy) Christmas | Hoi An, Vietnam

The flood in Hoi An seemed like the opposite of a “Christmas Miracle”, but ended up being a little bit fortuitous. For one thing, we were able to score an upgrade to a previously-sold-out private room due to all the cancellations. We have nothing against dorms, but it’s definitely more romantic to wake up together on Christmas morning without all the German backpackers also waking up with you… The deserted town of An Bang (where our homestay was) and ankle-deep water also gave the visit (counterintuitively) a festive feel. It was like all of us – the locals, the backpackers (few as we were), the restauranteurs – were in it together.  Continue reading

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