With the much-anticipated arrival of Sarah (people’s eyes lit up when they found out she was coming, and her name was repeated in a awestruck kind of way) came an opportunity to accompany her and her charge, Gracie, on a CAMEL SAFARI!!! Woooo!!!

Sarah has been living in India for years and now runs a tour business (Germans mostly) where she leverages her Hindi language skills, knowledge of the area and contacts to make some pretty cool experiences for her clients. She arrived with Gracie in tow and, after a few days of wellness centre (can we just call it a spa?) treatments, we all packed up our things and headed out to Osian to see some temples, then into the Thar desert to meet our camels!

Shree thought ahead and bought some apples for us to feed to our camels, so that we can all be friends before the trip starts. I picked my camel because she voraciously devoured her apple and then some of the spare apple too. I knew we were kindred spirits.

Note: mounting a camel is just as fun as you think it would be. 

We trekked along for about an hour or two, with guides walking each camel (much to Shree’s chagrin) which left our hands free to selfie the crap out of the experience. Here are some of our favourites:

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