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Day 147 – Old Lantern Town | Hoi An, Vietnam

For my family,  Boxing Day is as much a part of Christmas as the 24th and 25th. It’s the day when my whole extended family on my Dad’s side gets together in a big Church hall to overeat, put on a talent show, bicker over who gets to hold the newest babies, and re-celebrate my Aunt’s Christmas Eve birthday. This was the day I had anticipated being the saddest on, so had planned a big scooter adventure with Marc to fill the time.  Continue reading

Day 145 – Merry (Rainy) Christmas | Hoi An, Vietnam

The flood in Hoi An seemed like the opposite of a “Christmas Miracle”, but ended up being a little bit fortuitous. For one thing, we were able to score an upgrade to a previously-sold-out private room due to all the cancellations. We have nothing against dorms, but it’s definitely more romantic to wake up together on Christmas morning without all the German backpackers also waking up with you… The deserted town of An Bang (where our homestay was) and ankle-deep water also gave the visit (counterintuitively) a festive feel. It was like all of us – the locals, the backpackers (few as we were), the restauranteurs – were in it together.  Continue reading

Day 144 – Is this a good idea? | Da Lat to Nha Trang to Hoi An, Vietnam

Sadly, we didn’t know how awesome Da Lat would be, and could only afford one night at the Crazy House, so on the morning of Day 144 we hit the open road on our journey to our super-cute hostel in Hoi An. This is just a quick 4-hour bus to Nha Trang (seaside city) then a sleeper bus North overnight to Hoi An. We should arrive in the morning refreshed and ready to go to the beach, if our recent bus trip with Phuong Trang is any indication.

Continue reading

Day 143 – That #$%& is Crazy!! | Da Lat, Vietnam

Do all travellers seek to recapture a bit of their youth? The fun, anything-is-possible, carefree exploration of each day. I know my personal reasons for traveling  were along those lines – just to become engaged with my life again. I wanted to go to bed each day just exhausted from having my eyes so wide open all day. And so, on the night of Day 143, we find ourselves blowing out the candles and snuggling together in our bird’s nest, listening to the crackling fire below us.  Continue reading

Day 141 – Cu Chi Coo-coo | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

No trip to HCMC is complete without a jaunt out to see the Cu Chi Tunnels museum just outside the city. The particular set of tunnels we visited are reconstructed sections of the vast network of underground tunnels constructed and used by the Viet Cong during the Vietnam war. They have been made taller and widened to accommodate the… ehem… physique of the average tourist. Continue reading

Day 140 – Eat The World, episode 2,566 | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Vietnam wasn’t originally on our travel list, but then we thought: we like to eat, right? We like to eat Vietnamese food. So… let’s go eat some Vietnamese food! One 13-hour bus ride later and we arrive in the land of Pho! I had been combing the interwebs for street food guides and soon enough Marc and I are pounding the pavement in Saigon, hunting down Legal Nomad’s recommended place for vermicelli bowls. Continue reading

Day 140 – Welcome to ‘Nam | Siem Reap, Cambodia to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

We are zooming past the Cambodian countryside, all lush greens and tall palms poking out of the flat expanses, in a $26 13-hour bus from Siem Reap to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Like most of the buses we’ve encountered in Asia, this one has a little flair by way of a flatscreen at the front playing karaoke videos on a loop (kill. me. now.) and fancy curtains with assorted dangly bits rimming the roof – Greyhound, take note. Also, there were free snacks (one sweet bun, one pork bun).  Continue reading