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August | Spain, Portugal

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Day 33 – A word about the Barcelona train station

We had built the Barcelona train station up to mythical proportions in our minds. The creepers, the pickpockets, the scams, oh my!

We were ready: Marc with our secret waterproof money-pouch (I won’t tell you where!), our backpacks locked and all valuables stashed away in our slash-proof bags. Tickets we would need and  a small amount of coin in the accessible pockets. Map downloaded, train number memorized.

It was all pretty anticlimactic.

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Day 32 – Medical issues while abroad | Valencia, Spain

My medical “issues” started before we left. While exiting my job at a large event marketing firm, packing up and leasing our house, planning for visas/innocculations/banking arrangements, saying goodbye to friends and family… I developed shingles on my left side of my torso (chicken pox for adults – a painful blistery rash). Then, on the day we actually left for the airport I had a migraine and could barely see. So yes, my body was telling me that it was a bit STRESSED OUT!! But it’s all for a good cause – seeing the world! So we pushed through.

Of course on  your first few days of traveling abroad you are not going to rest. You pile on jet lag, unfamiliar food, sweltering heat, strange customs and accents all around you. Continue reading

Day 31 – La Tomatina | Bunol, Spain

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Or, we have anyway.

In case you live under a rock: La Tomatina is essentially a giant food fight (using tomatoes that have supposedly been crushed first to avoid the sack-of-oranges invisible bruise effect) in a small town in Spain, once per year. It’s “one of those things you do” in Spain, like running away from giant bulls or drinking so much Sangria that you vomit in the streets, or drinking so much Sangria that you vomit while running away from a bull.

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Day 29 – Another wander around Girona | Spain

It’s our last day in Girona, so we walked around to say goodbye. If you are ever in Spain, you really really really need to go to Girona.

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Day 29 – Kiss the Butt of the Lion | Girona, Spain

Legend has it that if you kiss the butt of the lion, you will come back to Girona some day.

Marc didn’t want to kiss the butt of the lion. Like, really didn’t want to. He took issue with the fact that all the other tourists were also kissing the butt of the lion with their dirty tourist lips.  Continue reading

Day 28 – Food and wine festival | Girona, Spain

We spent today wandering Girona, looking at the sights, having a siesta…

Around 4 we notice something strange going on in the street below us: the restaurants are bringing their street seating, there are little white tables being set up. I go on a reconnaissance mission (read: I walk downstairs) to see what is up – there is a food and wine festival going on tonight!

€3 sampling plates from the local restaurants and €1 wine. What? Yes, you heard me… €1 wine (and beers!!!).

It’s a Christmas Miracle!

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Day 28 – A swankarific way to work | Girona, Spain

Today we checked in to the swanky accommodations that we had originally booked for my birthday.

From my instagram: “There have been a few moments on this trip where I really think ‘yes, this is exactly what we worked for’ – eating my crepes and yogurt on the balcony in Girona is one of those moments…”

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Day 27 – An early morning walk | Girona, Spain

This morning I woke up super early (read: 7 am) to get a good view of the city before the tourists got up and about. I do love traveling with Marc, but it is nice to have some alone time with the camera once in a while.

My favourite part was stalking – I mean following – I mean… I just happened to be walking behind… this old guy and his bike and we wandered up through the original entrance to the walled city. I don’t know if you have caught on yet, but I continue to be a sucker for an old, old wall.

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An oldie but a goodie, throwback to Malaga, Spain.

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