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Om Garden Rainbow Salad Dupe

We just had the most amazing lunch at Om Garden in Pai – recommended by our new nameless Russian friend whom we met at the Hot Springs Resort (he was looking all suave in his “European” bathing trunks, melting a bottle of Balinese massage oil in the hot water, and we were looking all… sweaty from the scooter drive over). Not only was the food delicious and the Thai Tea especially superb, but we saw a beautiful hippie woman with rainbow unicorn hair!  Continue reading

Carb party: Mango Sticky Rice

When you are hoofing it across the world and you land in a place where your favourite fruit (mangoes) are cheap, plentiful and run-down-your-neck juicy don’t you just want to pair them with sweet and salty rice, creamy coconut and crunchy mung beans? Yes. Yes you do. We went for a cooking class at Siam Garden and learned how to make this treat, reprinted here with permission from the owner. Continue reading

Make new friends with Massaman Curry

One day on Koh Lanta I literally ate Massaman curry with chicken for breakfast, lunch and dinner (lowering my eyes the second – and third – time I ordered to avoid the critical stare of the restauranteur across the street from Chill Out House). What? It has some vegetables in it… TAKE MY MONEY! Continue reading

Too-easy Thai Tea

This one is less of a recipe than a directive. I’m posting recipes of my favourite things in hopes that people at home can have a taste of the wonderful treasures we discover. And although this one in particular might send your insulin levels on a roller-coaster, it still has less sugar than a cup of Coca-Cola. So. There.  Continue reading

Chai Chai Chai!

You are probably thinking: Why would someone who avoids eating dairy choose to write about a milky drink?

To which I reply: You mean chai? You mean this glorious, fragrant, silky sweet full-fat milky drink?

Going to India and not trying the chai would be a little like going to Italy and not trying the pasta. Continue reading

Aloo Gobi – “Indian cooking so easy any idiot can do it!”

Ok Kids, coming at ya from India, one of my favourite recipes. This one not only tastes delicious, but clearly it photographs well. It’s only one of the amazing recipes that Papu and the team at Shri Jasnath Asan (Ashram) shared with us this month, and it will be part of the wellness program launching in November 2017 at the Ashram.  Continue reading

Day 42 – Clare’s Leek and Roquefort Soup

Each day, Clare treats us to a home-made soup with lunch. Our particular favourite is the Leek and Roquefort (she would make it with Stilton at home in England). Today, Clare lets me watch over her shoulder as she makes it…

Continue reading